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13518 HARBOR BLVD #A-4

(714) 539 - 9155

    Mission Statement -  

            It is our mission here at Golden State Tattoo to provide 
    every client with the best possible experience during their tattoo 
    or body piercing while providing the highest quality of work at an 
    affordable rate.  We aim to create a pleasant and comfortable 
    experience to everyone that walks through our doors.  We 
    understand that tattoos and body piercings can be a life altering 
    event, so we are here to assist you in any way possible before, 
    during and after your tattoo or body piercing.  We always strive 
    to provide our clientele with a clean, sterile and friendly 
    environment all while giving an amazing experience during your
    tattoo or body piercing!

                            - Devin, Johnny and the Golden State Family
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